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July 15th, 2008

March 2nd, 2009

Meet Teddy from Turkey Creek, Kentucky

We’re very excited to introduce our second hero, Teddy Robinette, a retired coal miner from Turkey Creek, Kentucky. Teddy wrote to us asking for equipment for the volunteer fire fighters in rural Pike County. Their sixteen firefighters, who volunteer their services without pay, cover a five square mile area, protecting close to 1500 residents. Teddy said they were in desperate need of equipment to keep them safe and to help save more lives, so we asked the chief for a list of their needs. Thanks to Teddy’s concern for his community, the Turkey Creek Volunteer Fire Department will receive $20,000 worth of brand new equipment, including:

  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Jaws of Life Pump
  • Rescue Saw
  • Deck Gun
  • AR-FFF Foam
  • Laptop Computer
  • Projector for Training

Congratulations to Teddy for making a huge difference in so many people’s lives. This equipment will be in use for years to come and there’s no telling how many lives will be saved.

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Diary Starts Here

March 2, 2009
Ruby just sent pictures of her and Teddy's two grandsons. They are so cute! See for yourself down below. I asked how Teddy was doing and he said, "I'm hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit!"

Aug. 5, 2008
We just received a copy of Teddy's "Hometown Hero" feature that ran on WSAZ-TV. What a great piece it turned out to be! It was produced by their meteorologist, Josh Fitzpatrick, who tells us that "Hometown Heroes" is the longest running series in the station's history and is a very popular one at that. "I was lucky enough to get this assignment," says Josh, "and meet all the great folks at the Turkey Creek Volunteer Fire Dept." Here's our hero, Teddy, as seen on WSAZ-TV...

July 28, 2008
I've been putting a lot of time and effort into Jenny's Heroes and when I saw the sweet card that just came from Turkey Creek, it reminded me why doing this is the best thing ever. It's a big Thank You card signed by all the firefighters and the ladies of the auxiliary.

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The card was accompanied by photos of the Turkey Creek Volunteer Firefighters as well as the members of the T.C.V.F.D Ladies Auxiliary. Pictures like that really help me feel like I'm there and I appreciate it so much. It meant a lot to me to receive the card and photos and some day I will get to Turkey Creek and I hope to meet everyone in these photos. Thank you, Teddy & Ruby.

July 15, 2008
It was a special day today in Turkey Creek. Teddy was honored today with a "Hometown Hero" award by WSAZ-TV out of Huntington, West Virginia. It was a surprise ceremony attended by Teddy and his wife, Ruby (who was in on the surprise), Chief Jim Stepp, Captain Matthew Cline, and Assistant Chief Tim Cline, as well as the local news and newspaper. I called Teddy to congratulate him and he told me that the new equipment has already been used several times for fires and car accidents. Teddy is staying busy with their 22-month old grandson, with another grandson due in November!

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April 22, 2008
Well it didn't take long for the new equipment to have an impact. It's the kind of news we love to hear. Teddy's wife, Ruby, just emailed us the following news:
"The fire dept had a forest fire near some residents and the deck gun was a real asset. They were able to put the fires out from 200 yards without having to stretch hoses and jeopordize the safety of personell by fighting the fire from up close. The fire dept is very impressed with the operation of the deck gun. It has already saved thousands in property loss alone. The residents also are astounded at the reach and volume of water delivered by the new deck gun. THANKS AGAIN. Ruby & Ted."

April 8, 2008
GREAT NEWS! The equipment is finally there! Teddy just emailed this morning to let us know that all the equipment has arrived at the Turkey Creek Volunteer Fire Department. We are excited because this is our first grant to be completed. We even got a photo of all the new equipment.

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Here's Teddy's email from this morning....
"dear jenny this is teddy robinette I'm writing to let you know that we took delivery of the equipment you purchased for the turkey creek volunteer fire department today and wish to thank you again for making my dream come true also on behalf of the fire department and the entire community THANK YOU!"

March 16, 2008
We just heard from Ruby who sent us a photo of her and Teddy's 18-month old grandson, Gavin, and she has some good news too. Here's what else Ruby had to say...

"Dear jenny here is a picture of our only grandchild at this time,but are pleased to announce we just found out.we are having another granchild come november,it has been a wonderful last few months.a lot of excitement around here.jenny it is so wonderful how you are helping so many people,in a world of so many bad things being reported all the time,it is great you are shedding some light in this world of sorrow everywhere you look. jenny are you ever going to have a talk show again,I use to watch you all the time?well again God Bless you for your kindness and generosity.
Ruby Robinette."

Ruby, I miss my talk show but Jenny's Heroes is now my full time job and I would never give this up for another show. This is just a bigger and better kind of makeover.

March 13, 2008
Good news from Turkey Creek. We just heard they were able to get a new truck. Here is the email from Captain Matthew Cline (Tim's son) with all the details...

" Damon, we came about some good fortune with the new truck. We had a finance company actually do a re-fi for us and we were able to actually purchase this new truck. There are some kind hearted people out there that do try and help volunteer fire departments.This will actually help us out a great deal. The new truck will have more room and will be able to better accomodate some of the new equipment that, thanks to Ms. Jones and yourself would never have been possible. Thanks for everything.

Matthew J. Cline
Turkey Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue."

March 11, 2008
*UPDATE: We just heard that the volunteer fire department had a special awards ceremony for Teddy in which he was awarded a bronze statue of a firefighter and was awarded “Outstanding Citizen.” He also received an “Outstanding Citizen Medal” and a "Bronze Life Member Card for the Turkey Creek Volunteer Fire Department." That must have been a very proud day for Teddy and his family. Speaking of Teddy's family, his wife, Ruby, just sent us a couple of great family reunion pictures. We've posted photos of the awards presentation and the family reunion for all to enjoy.

The department's new lap top and projector is already there to be used for training.

February 22, 2008
I spoke to Assistant Chief Tim Cline today who told me that Teddy was contacted by the Medical Leader newspaper for an interview which ran today. As soon as we get a copy we will post it here.

Feb. 15, 2008
(My Phone Call to Teddy)
What a joy it is to make a phone call like this. I called Teddy at 10 am to give him the good news that his dream for the Turkey Creek volunteer fire department is coming true. Here he is on the phone with me. While we were talking, the local news team from CBS was there shooting video for the 6 o'clock news. Then a newspaper reporter joined in to interview Teddy. That story will run in tomorrow's Appalachian News Express. I also got to say hello to Teddy's wife of 35 years, Ruby. What a lovely, sweet couple. When I asked Teddy how he was holding up with all this publicity, he said, "I'm fine as a frog's hair." We love Teddy!

02/15/08: Jenny wrote... "Teddy, I'm very proud to welcome you as one of my Heroes. There's no doubt that lives will be saved and families will be safer because of you."

02/15/08: Damon wrote... "Congrats, Teddy. Everyone in your community should be very proud of what you have done. You're a true hero."

02/15/08: Travis wrote... "Hello Teddy. It's a wonderful thing you have done. The new tools that you dreamed about will soon come true. They will make a big difference when a call comes in."

02/16/08: Terri wrote... "Way to go Teddy. Dreams do come true. My best to your family and your volunteers!"

02/16/08: Linda wrote... "hi, just want to say teddy is my first cousin. it surprised me to see him on tv. glad that you can make a difference in Turkey Creek. jenny i am so glad you are doing what you are. we need more people like you. god bless you and your family."

02/17/08: Liz wrote... "Hi Teddy. I hope people are inspired to follow your lead and pick up the ball. What a difference you've made. So many folks rely on the generosity of the volunteers and you have made their jobs that much easier. Good for you. I wish you and your family the best of everything."

02/17/08: Wendy wrote... "Congratulations Teddy! Just wanted to send my congratulations. I really admire volunteer firefighters and what you did was awesome!"

02/17/08: Neal & Dottie wrote... "Congratulations, Teddy! We are very happy that you have helped the beloved community of Turkey Creek! The firemen have worked and fought hard to keep the station going over the years and now you have helped them even more by helping them get the muchneeded equipment! You are truly one of a kind!!"

02/18/08: Jen wrote... "Teddy, what a selfless gesture. The world needs more citizens like you! I'm sure the firefighters are very grateful that you recognize thier needs and contributions."

02/22/08: Michael wrote... "Way to go Teddy I live and work in Columbus OH but born and raised at Turkey Creek Taylor Fork Rd. Thanks so much Jenny as the dept needed this very much. My Dad still lives there. So nice to see someone to make a Difference."

02/24/08: Teddy's Nieces wrote... "Congratulations Teddy. We are so proud of you! We have always known you have a big heart and now the world know that too. How awesome. All our love, your favorite nieces, "Red", "Sisie", and Lisa.

02/26/08: Anthony wrote... "Teddy I think that's aw some what you have done for your community. There's definitely an angel walking with you."

02/29/08: Becky wrote... "Daddy, you've always been my hero. I'm so glad that you get to be one of Jenny's and the community's now. You deserve it! I'm so very proud of you."

02/29/08: Gavin wrote... "I hope I can grow up and make a difference one day, just like you Papaw! I love you and I'll be so proud to read about this when I'm big! Love and hugs, Gavin"