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Meet Susan Cha from Wilmington, Delaware

Susan Cha is a Human Resources Manager for a manufacturing company and she is about to make a difference for 15,000 kids! Susan has requested $10,000 to supply first aid and medicine for local schools because children in her area schools are lacking funds for simple medicinal needs at the nurse's office. “I remember going to the nurse's office for headaches and such,” wrote Susan, “ but now my nephew's school does not even have enough money for paper, let alone first aid medicine. I’d like to be able to provide local area schools with first aid supplies.”

With her $10,000 grant, Susan will provide the Red Clay Consolidated School District in Wilmington, Delaware, which is the 2nd largest district in the state of Delaware, with first aid kits and supplies which she plans to buy in bulk at Costco.

Isn’t that great? First aid for 15,000 kids! Watch out for the lady with the really big shopping cart!

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February 18th, 2009
This evening, Susan was recognized during a Red Clay Consolidated School District Board Meeting for her outstanding contributions to the community, and she was also awarded her "Jenny's Heroes" plaque from school nurse Maryann Cavanaugh.

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February 3rd, 2009
Susan sent new photos of her baby and he's so cute I wanted to pinch his little cheeks through my computer. She says, "Logan is doing quite well! For being a preemie, he actually out weighs all his friends now. He's up to 21 pounds (6.5 mos) last time we checked! He's a smart little boy and great personality to boot! I couldn't have asked for better baby!" Check out the new photos on the left!

January 22nd, 2009
The first aid supplies have arrived! I hope Susan knows what a huge gift this was to the thousands of children in the school district. Here is a letter of appreciation from the lead nurse for district...
I am the lead nurse for the Red Clay Consolidated School District and the nurses want to thank you for the wonderful grant that you were awarded on our behalf. I canvassed the school nurses for their wish lists and we were able to get some durable nursing equipment for each of our schools. Many of the nurses requested mobile first aid carts that could be taken out to recess or sporting events. We also requested digital thermometers, pulse oximeters, B/P cuffs, and other similar items that will help to expedite the care we give the students. Thank you to the Jenny Jones foundation for the generous grant and to you for thinking of us in writing the grant."
Maryann Cavanaugh, RN, M Ed, NCSN
School Nurse
Richardson Park Learning Center
Red Clay Consolidated School District

January 8th, 2009
Boy, this took a long time! it seems like it took forever to get the supplies ordered because each school had to provide a list of what they need. But the order has finally been placed and it won't belong before supplies start arriving at all the schools.

September 17, 2008
"Jenny Jones? Do I know a Jenny Jones?" That's how my surprise phone call started this morning with Susan. So I guess that's proof that she really was surprised! I had to mention the Jenny Jones Show for her to realize this was about her grant. It was so funny! I was calling Susan at work and thanks to her co-worker, Linda Bratton, we had scheduled the exact time to call. There was also a group of fellow staff members close by ready to help celebrate the good news.

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It was Susan's sister who brought the need for medical supplies to her attention. The sister, who is studying nursing, was interning at one of the schools and noticed the lack of supplies. And it's the sister's 10-year-old son (Susan's nephew) who attends 6th grade there too. And guess what? Susan is a new mom! Her son, Logan, is just 12 weeks old and she promises to send us pictures.

As for her shopping, Susan says she will ask the school nurses for their wish lists and then head to Costco. What a great idea the wish list is, so they can get exactly what they need. Plus, I just heard from the staff that Susan is an economical shopper so it looks like this $10,000 will go a long way.

9/15/08: Jenny & Damon wrote... "Congratulations on becoming a part of our special Teachers' Month. This is a great contribution you are making to the school district."

9/18/08: Anthony wrote... "Susan, you and your sister are AWESOME! Thinking of others, especially children, really shows the love in your hearts. Good going!"