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Meet Jackie Miller from Oneonta, Alabama

Jackie Miller is a Clinical Technician and Medical Assistant for a pediatrician and family practice physician, but she’s also very involved with her community’s school. Appalachian Elementary and High School in Oneonta, Alabama is about to get a new computer lab thanks to Jackie. She requested $25,000 for the title 1 K-12 school and says that a computer lab will “help the kids practice computer skills and aid in tutoring the kids who have not been able to pass.”

Jackie says most of the school's computers are not working and half of the students who attend are on the free lunch program. Her gift will benefit close to 700 students who attend the school, including Jackie’s 11-year old twins, Hannah and Zachary.

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March 27, 2009
Jackie sent us a bunch of Thank You letters written by some of the students...

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January 6, 2009
Jackie is doing lots of things for the school. She just had new blinds installed in the lunchroom and the new computers should be coming soon. We look forward to seeing pictures of the new blinds.

October 3, 2008
Jackie had this to say about my phone call. " I am still in a state of shock. I am on cloud nine right now. Mr. Knowles, the Assistant Principal, told my husband this could not have come at a better time. The State Board of Education, as of October 1, has budget cut backs. Why? It's so crazy. These kids are our future. I have to be honest; I really had pretty much thought I didn't get it. I guess that's why I was so ELATED and speechless. I didn't know what to say."

September 30, 2008
I surprised Jackie today with the news of her grant. We had a great ally in the school principal, Mark Hitt, who staged an elaborate (pretend) meeting. He asked Jackie to come in because one of her children was receiving an award, so she took off from work to be there. In reality, her husband, mother-in-law, and her children were there as well as the county superintendent, a newspaper reporter, and several teachers. Jackie was emotional on the phone and told me that they have been trying to put a computer lab in the school for some time. She even "harassed" the manager of Lowe's into donating wood for the table top so we know she means to get things done. Well, now she'll have a lot to do, and will have $25,000 to do it with.

9/30/08: Jenny & Damon wrote... "Congratulations on becoming a part of our special Teachers' Month and for making an enormous difference in your community."

10/01/08: Paige Latta wrote... "Jackie, Thank you for all you do to improve our school. As a teacher and mother, I can really appreciate all the time and work that went in to making this happen. You and your family are a real asset to our community."

10/01/08: Sheila Gargus wrote... "Jackie, Congratulations on all your hard work!!! You are an inspiration to all of us here at the school, and we couldn't be more excited and happy about what you have done for all of the students here at Appalachian. You're our SUPERHERO!"

10/01/08: Liz R. wrote... "Congratulations Jackie,
Perseverance pays off and good things come to those who go the extra mile. Your school must be proud and your students ecstatic. Good for you. From what I've read, you've earned it."

10/01/08: A Harvey wrote... "Appalachian High School is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and hard working PTSO President. We all appreciate what you do! Our kids from grades K - 12 will benefit from your efforts- Thank you."

10/02/08: Kevin Wallace wrote... "Jackie, Thanks for your dedication to making a difference in the lives of Appalachian students. I don't think Jenny could have chosen a better "hero"! We are so excited for you and Appalachian High School."
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