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March 25th, 2009

Meet Jaime Green from Kuttawa, Kentucky

Sgt. Jaime Green lives in Kuttawa but has been with the neighboring Eddyville, Kentucky Police Department for 8 ½ years. She requested $1,000 to purchase new binoculars and hand-held digital tape recorders for all of her fellow officers. Some of their current equipment is either old or unusable. The binoculars will enable the officers to meet OSHA requirements for viewing hazardous plaques on tractor-trailers that are involved in a wreck. The digital recorders will enable officers to properly interview suspects. There are six officers on the department.

Jaime was born and raised in Louisville and began her career in law enforcement there, following in her family's footsteps. Her mother and stepfather were both police officers. She joined the Eddyville Police Department in 2001 and was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2004. Jaime is the department’s administrative supervisor, public information officer, and evidence supervisor. She is a graduate of the Department of Criminal Justice Basic Academy and is also a graduate of The Academy of Police Supervision. She earned an associate’s degree in accounting from Paducah Community College in 2004 and she recently graduated from Murray State University with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Jaime's husband, Chris, a police officer and her daughter, Morgan, is 3 years old.

Diary Starts Here

February 28, 2009
Jaime received her digital recorders, and she recently used one to interview the Mayor about an ice storm that struck the area.

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February 16, 2009
Jaime sent us some great pictures of the department's new binoculars. Police work is serious business but there's no reason not to have a little fun!

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February 4, 2009
The ice storms in Kentucky have been all over the news and Jaime called today to say they have not had power since the storm. She's been working 13 days straight trying to get food and assistance to local residents, many of whom are using generators for heat. The damage was so bad, she said, that 30 years of power installation work was destroyed and it could take weeks to get power back. On a side note, she has received her new binoculars.

January 13, 2009
I called Jaime this morning with the good news that the equipment needed by the Eddyville Police Department would soon be on the way. Police Chief Shane Allison arranged for me to surprise Jaime by asking her to come in to talk to the newspaper about a big burglary case they've been working on. Actually, the press was there to interview Jaime! Eddyville's Mayor, Judi Stone, also took time to be there and she thanked me personally on the phone.

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Jaime sounded like a great lady as we chatted for a while. Her husband, Chris, is with the Kentucky State Police and she'll be sending us photos of her family including a "Heinz 57" dog that they rescued from a shelter.

01/13/08: Jenny wrote... "Jaime, anyone who dedicates his or her life to serving the community is already a hero and it’s an honor to be able to help your department."

01/13/08: Damon wrote... "Congratulations, Jaime. Your community is very lucky to have you... Keep up the great work!"

01/13/08: Charlotte Tharp wrote... "Jamie, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! I work with your mom. You’ve made her very proud. And you and she make us proud of the work you do and the sacrifices you make for your community."

01/13/08: Michele Lewellen wrote... "Jaime, Congratulations on your impressive achievements. I know everyone who works with you have to be very proud and thankful to have such a person on the force. I work with your Mom and I would expect nothing less from any daughter of hers."

01/13/08: Rae Wagoner of The Lyon County Herald Ledger wrote... "Way to go Jaime. You are always on the lookout for grants to help our community, and I am so pleased that this program granted your request. The binoculars will enable our police to "protect and serve" during accidents involving HAZMAT without danger to their own personal safety. Having been on the scene of some of these accidents as a reporter, I have seen firsthand how dangerous these situations can be. Congratulations!"

02/05/08: Mark Roberts wrote... "Thanks for all your help the other day! Mark Roberts - Captain, Paducah Police Department"