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June 2nd, 2009

August 14th, 2009

Meet Amelia de Landa from Chicago, Illinois

Amelia de Landa is a 25-year-old student and volunteer at the Old Irving Park Community Clinic, an all-volunteer, completely free clinic serving Chicago's uninsured population. Amelia requested $5,000 to purchase an ultrasound machine and other equipment for use by the gynecologist, many of whose patients have not had checkups for years. The machine comes with a TV probe, abdominal probe, printer, and mobile cart. The other equipment Amelia is providing includes pipelles, a tenaculum, a cervical dilator, and uterine sounds. Volunteering there every week, Amelia says, “I see how hard just a few people are working to provide quality healthcare. The small group that runs the clinic are some very generous people who really want to see their patients succeed at getting control of their health and manage their chronic conditions.” This new equipment will last for years and benefit many women who might otherwise receive no healthcare at all.

About the Clinic:

The overwhelming majority of the patients are uninsured working people and their families and the unemployed who do not qualify for any type of government assistance programs, such as Medicaid, Medicare or have no access to any financial resources for payment for healthcare. In addition to primary medical care, the clinic services include referrals for dental care and assessment and evaluation for mental health, and alcohol and other drug additions and abuse treatments.

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June 14th, 2009
The clinic has received the new ultrasound machine and it's already being used. Amelia says so many women need this procedure, that they are now trying to find an ultrasound tech to come in once a month or so as well just to use the machine and do the ultrasounds so that when the doctor comes in for the check ups, it will already be done and she can move faster and treat more women.

May 6th, 2009
My surprise call to Amelia was set up by George Maltezos, one of the co-founders of the clinic. He arranged to have fellow co-founder & Medical Director Dr. Charles Martinez on hand as well as several other clinic volunteers.

I've had a lot of things happen when making a surprise call to a new hero, but this was a first. Just as I was calling, Amelia left for the restroom! I guess that proves she really was being surprised. When she came back in and I gave her the news, she was so excited and screaming I was afraid she might faint. She was overwhelmed with joy for all the women this badly needed equipment would be helping. They are placing the order today.

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The clinic opened in December of 2007, and since that time over 400 patients have been seen. For those patients the clinic has become their "homebase" for healthcare which is invaluable as medical services elsewhere are very difficult to obtain. In fact, the nearby Cook County Hospital is so overloaded, there are 1,700 women on the waiting list.

Amelia moved to Chicago in September from Houston and has three older sisters. She will be going to graduate school in this fall at the Universiy of Chicago for a Masters in Social Work.

05/06/09: Jenny wrote... "Amelia, I applaud you for being a volunteer. Your gift to the clinic will help women in need for years to come."

05/06/09: Damon wrote... "Congratulations, Amelia! Thanks for everything you do for your community. Keep up the good work."

05/06/09: Dana Meloneck wrote... "I am so proud of you! You are a continuing inspiration to us all!!!"

05/06/09: Jackie Witter wrote... "Amo... I am so proud of you!!! Remember me when you are famous! Pic looks fabulous by the way! Wow... who would have thought you would have made it through you first winter there! You go girl!!!!"

05/06/09: Leslie Espinoza wrote... "I'm so proud of you. What a great gift to read about your work. Love you, MOM"

05/06/09: Nacho wrote... "Since the days you were a young lady you had the drive to do the right things for others, it would be an injustice to put into words the way I feel about you. I love you... Dad"

05/07/09: Molly Cueto wrote... "Way to go!!!! It seems that Chicago is really suiting you well. Mols"

05/07/09: Az wrote... "Leave it to you! Nice job, Amo! Love ya, Az."

05/07/09: Felipe Ortiz-Monasterio wrote... "Dear Amy, What wonderful work you are doing. Gaby, the kids and I are extremely proud of you. Keep up the good work !! Love from us all, FOM"

05/12/09: Ashley Hulse wrote... "Amo, We're all so proud of you and happy for all those you've been able to help bless. Even in the pictures you can tell that the happiness on your face is for others. You are selfless, just like Dana. Be safe, take care!"

05/12/09: Jackie Witter wrote... "Amo... One thing I failed to mention, since personally just being diagnosed with cervical cancer, this is truly one of the greatest gifts that you can give anyone. Anything that will help with screening and pushing the need for early detection is a true blessing. Our little Texas girl... You just prove that we do do things in a big way! Love you!!!"