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Meet Susie Marks from Little Rock, Arkansas

She’s from Little Rock, Arkansas and is a Senior Vice President at the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce as well as a volunteer volleyball coach. Susie Marks requested $7,000 to purchase equipment and shoes for a newly formed girls’ volleyball team at the Dunbar Community Center. “I see so much potential in the kids that go to the Center and many of their parents can barely afford for them to participate in the sports programs, let alone purchase the equipment,” she said in her application. “Volleyball teams were a feeding ground for female volleyball players to go on to greatness at the high school and college level. Since more emphasis is being put on basketball and softball-- with both having professional leagues and more games are shown on TV, volleyball has taken a back seat. We want to put the emphasis back on training girls to play volleyball.” Susie’s gift will outfit 90 4th - 6th grade girls to participate in a newly formed league with kneepads, balls and shoes.

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November 30th, 2009
There was lots of excitement when the girls got their volleyball shoes, bags, t-shirts, knee pads, trophies! They were so happy! And so were the parents and staff!!! Here are some photos...

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October 22nd, 2009
Wow, what a fantastic ally we had putting my surprise call together to Susie! Selandria Jackson brought together over a hundred people at the community center’s gymnasium including girls from the volleyball program; Susie’s best friend Joyce Raynor; her brother Maurice; and her “squeeze” Jerry. Susie got the news from Selandria who read a letter from me and then I congratulated her on the phone. I could hear all the little girls’ joyful voices as they celebrated with snacks and from what Selandria told me, doing Michael Jackson impressions. They also made a huge “Thank You” banner for Susie. Hearing how excited the girls were brought back memories of my own days on the high school volleyball team. In fact, a dusted off an old photo of the team from 1962. See if you can find me in this picture...

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Congratulations again to Susie for giving of her time to her community.

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10/22/09: Jenny wrote... "Susie, being a high school volleyball player myself, I appreciate that you give your time to volunteer as a coach, and I understand the importance of keeping this sport available to any girl who wants to play."

10/22/09: Damon wrote... "Congratulations, Susie... I'm sure the girls are going to love all their new volleyball equipment. Thanks for everything you do for them, and your community."

10/23/09: Selandria Jackson wrote... "Hey Susie, On behalf of the staff at Dunbar Community Center we want to say thank you for thinking of us. Our kids will surely be grateful for the volleyball package and I'm sure this will encourage each of them to continue to play in the future. I must say after hearing the excitement from Jenny I got overwhelmed myself in all the excitement. Thanks again and remember your Dunbar family loves you and appreciates all you do."

11/02/09: Liz wrote... "Good for you Susie and congratulations. Your girls will remember these days throughout their whole lives. Both my girls are adults now, but still have kept their love for volleyball because they had the opportunity when they were young. Your efforts are certainly appreciated."

11/07/09: Karen Johnson wrote... "Susie, You have made a big impact in our girls’ lives here at East Little Rock Recreation Center and I just want to say a HEART FELT THANK YOU to you. “It’s the little things we do and say that mean so much as we go our way. A kindly deed can lift a load from weary shoulders on the road.” by Willa Hoey. Again Ms Susie thank you and God Bless You!!!!"